We are staying at The Royal National Hotel. It seems to be nice when I look at the photos. The hotel has also three stars but like my teacher said "London is London". It is lying here and it seems to be near the central of London which is pretty good. At the hotel breakfast and dinner are included so soon I will be drinking a cup of tea with toast. But I’m not saying that I´m looking forward to the food but I will survive.


In week 12 I and my classmate are going to London. We are going because of a project in the design class. All I know now is that we are going to split the class in three groups and each group are going to get an area in London. I suppose that we are going to create an object on the area, but am not sure. The English course is also involved in the trip to London and that is way I`m doing this. Posting a blog in English about the trip to London. Like you see the trip is not only for fun but I´m rely looking forward to it. I have already been there but that was like four years ago. A long time ago so it is going to be fun to see all the places again and maybe see it with other eyes. I´m pretty sure that we are going to see Big Ben, London eye and Tower Bridge. Like on the photos above that I have taken when I was there 2007.