So now the trip have begin! Her have we just landed in London and as you see we are all excited.



From the airport we get on the bus how were suppose to get us to the hotel, and we get to the hotel but like four hours later, I think. On these four hours we got a bus tour round London and that was really good, we have a "guide" who talk all round the tour. We went by London eye, Big Ben, Buckingham palace and so fore.



After the trip on the bus we get to the hotel. We get a few minutes to back up and then we were supposed to meet again on the lobby to go to our places. I have got Leicester Square.



On Leicester Square we went by to get so much information we possibly can, like photos, garbage and just look at the people.


I’m really really sorry! I think it’s sucks pretty bad. I haven’t got time to public any post or I have got time but it take soooo log time to loading the photos so is not worth it. So now I have decided that I’m going to wait till I got home and then I will poster all my experience in London. :D


Tomorrow 07.10 pm the plane takes off to London from Arlanda airport. We shall be at the in check 05.40 pm so is going to be a early night because I have to go up 4.00 pm. I´m soooo excited, like when you get the opportunity to go to London in school time, like never! Pretty assume. =)

Now Bed!