This morning we tried the other breakfast place and it showed that it was better. Not the food or maybe little but it was because it was a nicer place. They had no plastic chairs like the other place, they had instead crystal chandelier and “normal” chairs. So it’s pretty cool that the environment around us can make us hate or love something. And today I “love” the breakfast. After the breakfast we went to our location again.



We eat at the Trafalgar Square and it was really nice and worm. After the lunch we went away to a design agency, Seymour Powell (here are their homepage). They are world’s leading design and innovation companies, pretty cool and inspire to listen and see what they have done.



Then it was straight ahead to London Eye but before that we went by Themsen in a boat. Fun fun. After the “fun fun” we eat at a restaurant and then we took the bus to the hotel. Today I´m really not ready to go bake to Sweden because of the great weather. I don't want snow, I want sun!