Today is the last day in London and we start it like all the other morning, to eat some breakfast. I´m really are going to miss the breakfast… NOT! After the “yummy” breakfast we went a way to a Design museum. There we walk around and look at stuff. If a going to be honest to you, it was pretty boring. The shop that they have in the museum was on the other hand kind of cool. The expectation that I had before we went there did not become true. That is kind of sad.


Like I said I was not enjoying the Design museum and I know that if we were finish fast, we could do what we want. Like shopping! So I did the tour round the museum and then it was (again) straight ahead to Oxford Circus. We had like two hours left before we should meet at the hotel and then take the bus to the airport. So we hurry around in the stores and I spent the last money I had left. After a successful shopping tour we boarded the bus and went to the airport.


No I refuse to go home! Maybe some of us feels like that but not for me (or a little) because I miss my family so much, so it’s going to be nice to come home. What I miss most is obvious my family but my bed and the breakfast are close to the top of the “most-miss-list”. God I´m really disappointed with the breakfast food and the bead. Instead of having sheets in the bead they have gross felt. I sleep without the felt and because of that it was freezing cold. Okay maybe it was not so bad, but it IS almost a experience that you should complain about. Haha The good side of it was that the trip has been really fun and I have been more comfortable to talk English. I didn't think that I should talk so much that I did, I´m surprise of myself. So all I have left to say is:


Bye London and HELLO Sweden!



This morning we tried the other breakfast place and it showed that it was better. Not the food or maybe little but it was because it was a nicer place. They had no plastic chairs like the other place, they had instead crystal chandelier and “normal” chairs. So it’s pretty cool that the environment around us can make us hate or love something. And today I “love” the breakfast. After the breakfast we went to our location again.



We eat at the Trafalgar Square and it was really nice and worm. After the lunch we went away to a design agency, Seymour Powell (here are their homepage). They are world’s leading design and innovation companies, pretty cool and inspire to listen and see what they have done.



Then it was straight ahead to London Eye but before that we went by Themsen in a boat. Fun fun. After the “fun fun” we eat at a restaurant and then we took the bus to the hotel. Today I´m really not ready to go bake to Sweden because of the great weather. I don't want snow, I want sun!


Probably I should have given this post the name ”a long day” because today it has been a looong day. A day when you look back and think “what? Was it today we eat there” or something like that. You probably know what I mean.


So we started the day at the breakfast and like I said in a poster below “But I’m not saying that I´m looking forward to the food but I will survive” and I survived but it was near I couldn’t, okay I am overdoing a little bit. All I can say is it was not good.


After the breakfast we get back to the Leicester Square and today we were suppose to interviewing people. At first it was really scary like none of us want to start but then I said to myself “just do it”. Then I start to ask one girl but she was on her way to work so she had not time to stop and answer any question. The other I ask was also a girl, easer the way, and she was also on her hurry like she said “I´m busy”. Now it was “third time lucky” like we say in Swedish “tredje gången gilt” and I was lucky, or maybe is wasn’t lucky it was more that I saw a women who stand and smoke. Like she stood still and was probably not on her way to work.  I ask her if she had time to answer some question and she had, luckily. She ask what it was about and I said we were from Sweden and were doing a project in school there we are suppose to get so much information of this place s possible. She nodded and said she was from Denmark. I kept on going and ask her what she was doing on Leicester Square and she answer that she was here to by some tickets to a musical. The other question was what she thinks about Leicester Square and she said that she like the place but that is was to much people and that she won’t like to live there. My last question was, what if you should change anything, what should it be? She thought for a moment and said that she want more trees so it would be more cozily. I thanked her and then it was done, it wasn’t so scary. People is nice and we discovered that when we get more “warm in the close”.



Chinatown lay very near so we decided to eat their on a buffet and it was yummy. After the lunch break we went back to our location and work there about one hour and then we had free time. And gees what I should do? heheh right shopping. So then we went strait a head to Oxford street. =D



The photos above are all the closes I shopped. I can rely agree with that it looks much BUT it was cheap. Hehe



After all the shopping we were tied and our feet rely hurted we were suppose to get to the restaurant by our self, and when I say suppose I mean we tried. Like I said we shop at Oxford Street so our “little” trip starts there and about an hour later of messing around we got back to, guess what, yes Oxford Street. Like we rely was lost. When we were at Oxford Street one of us saw some bicycle taxi so we decided to take those. We squeezed us in and then it was with scary and happy feelings we coiled our way along the streets to the restaurant. When we eventually got to the restaurant we were two hours late so everyone had left except the teachers. Now afterwards I have feelings of guilt that we were so late. Next time I will also note where we should be. And not doing like I was this time, think that someone else should note the information.



Except from that we were tired and hungry, my group which hade Leicester square should go back there in the night. So for me it was no break. So we went back to the Leicester square and were there about one hour. Then it was bead for me, kind of a busy day but fun too.