Today is the last day in London and we start it like all the other morning, to eat some breakfast. I´m really are going to miss the breakfast… NOT! After the “yummy” breakfast we went a way to a Design museum. There we walk around and look at stuff. If a going to be honest to you, it was pretty boring. The shop that they have in the museum was on the other hand kind of cool. The expectation that I had before we went there did not become true. That is kind of sad.


Like I said I was not enjoying the Design museum and I know that if we were finish fast, we could do what we want. Like shopping! So I did the tour round the museum and then it was (again) straight ahead to Oxford Circus. We had like two hours left before we should meet at the hotel and then take the bus to the airport. So we hurry around in the stores and I spent the last money I had left. After a successful shopping tour we boarded the bus and went to the airport.


No I refuse to go home! Maybe some of us feels like that but not for me (or a little) because I miss my family so much, so it’s going to be nice to come home. What I miss most is obvious my family but my bed and the breakfast are close to the top of the “most-miss-list”. God I´m really disappointed with the breakfast food and the bead. Instead of having sheets in the bead they have gross felt. I sleep without the felt and because of that it was freezing cold. Okay maybe it was not so bad, but it IS almost a experience that you should complain about. Haha The good side of it was that the trip has been really fun and I have been more comfortable to talk English. I didn't think that I should talk so much that I did, I´m surprise of myself. So all I have left to say is:


Bye London and HELLO Sweden!




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